Student Council brings back fun Fridays



History teacher Matthew Marquis’s second hour class participating in flannel Friday

Helena Buttke, Reporter

Student Council has been working to bring back the fun to the school by starting up fun Fridays. Many things have been canceled due to COVID-19, but the group continues to work around the difficulties to bring back school spirit.

Due to COVID, we can’t do many fun things at school safely. It’s not only students who are having a difficult time during this pandemic, but the staff as well, so we are doing all we can to bring the school spirit back,” junior Luyen Pham said. “We thought it would be a great idea to bring back Fun Friday as motivation for students and staff during this tough time and as a way to bring the school together.”

Activities that are coming back, or have yet to be planned, are friendly games, dress up days, along with other fun and safe activities.

“Most of our meetings usually have a common question to answer and that is ‘what can we do to make life here as BHS more enjoyable for staff and students?’ We also try to help the community, such as the holiday food drive,” junior Lauren Bately said.

The group comes together every Thursday to deliberate safe ways to continue fun Fridays with prizes and competitions.

“Our first Fun Friday consisted of dressing up in flannel. We announced that the class with the highest percentage of students would receive a prize. It was simple and fun! Plus, who doesn’t like a little competition? For the future, we have talked about doing other dress up days,” senior and treasurer Ashley Ryckman said.

Although the lack of normal school activities can be troublesome by not having the fun aspects like school dances or sporting events, Student Council continues to create entertainment for students and staff.

“One of our biggest goals is to make school fun and enjoyable,” Pham said. “We want to make sure that everyone is having fun at school but also staying safe at the same time.”