School is her fashion show


Anna McCarthy

Sophomore Harmony Geier wears her oversized cargo pants and pink sweater. Geier’s style is a lot more unconventional than the average high schooler. “My style is very unique,” Geier said.

Anna McCarthy, Reporter

Harmony Geier dresses a lot more unconventionally than the average high schooler. From oversized pants to bright colored shirts and shoes, people can always see Harmony in the trendiest outfits.

“My style makes me happy and it makes me feel more confident,” Geier said.

As for Harmony’s friends, they also think that her style is unique.

“I think Harmony’s outfits are really cool, she just knows how to put really cool outfits together,” Harmony’s friend Maddy Winter said.
Harmony’s mom also says the same.

“I think Harmony has a great sense of style when it comes to fashion. She always looks so cool and well put together,” Harmony’s mom Sandi Geier said.

Harmony says that she gets most of her outfit inspiration from Tik Tok and Instagram. Some of the stores that Harmony shops at are Brandy Mellvile, PacSun, Garage, and Zumiez.

“My favorite outfit that Harmony has worn was oversized corduroy pants, a belt, her pink cropped hoodie and black Doc Martens,” Winter said.

Harmony’s mom says she likes and approves of her outfits.

“Harmony wears tasteful clothing and I have no objections to what she wears,” Sandi said.

However, not everyone seems to think that Harmony’s clothes are tasteful.

“I won’t wear anything that has a tank top because I’ve been dress coded three times for wearing tank tops,” Harmony said.

Harmony hasn’t always dressed the way she does now.

“I used to take Harmony shopping at Kohl’s and Target when she was younger. I think her style changed because she likes clothes that are more ‘in’ and now that she’s older, she is better able to communicate what she really likes,” Sandi said.

“School is my fashion show, actually, even though a lot of teachers will say it’s not,” Harmony said. “Dressing up for school is the only semi-fun part of the day.”