Sports Briefs: Dance team not formed due to low numbers

Nya Osterberg, Reporter

Halftime at basketball games are usually filled with the dance team performing a routine that they have been preparing for weeks. Due to low numbers there will be no team this year. 

“I don’t think it was ever officially decided that there would be no team, but most of the people that would be on the team said that they were not doing it this year. We would not have enough people to form a team so we just did not make one,” senior Jennifer Schroeder said.

For former dance members, this clears up their after school schedule.

“I am a little upset because I wanted to do it, but now I have more time for work and homework,” Schroeder said.

In upcoming years, there may be a chance for the dance team to return.

“I do not know if there will be a team next year because we have had fewer people joining the team each year. Maybe in ten years or so a team will start up again,” Schroeder said.