Sports Briefs: Cheer and stunt faces changes

Nya Osterberg, Reporter

 Athletic teams have had to adjust to the situations that COVID-19 brings. For the cheer and stunt team this means finding a new way to perform since competitions have been canceled.

“We plan on performing at basketball games and doing whatever we can to make this year as normal as possible,” senior Brooklyn Ballard said.

Now that the team is doing halftime performances, they will have to work on a routine fit for that. 

“As a team I think we should improve our dancing skills because we are not able to have competitions this year and will only be performing dances,” Ballard said.

Performances are not the only thing that has changed due to COVID-19. A consistent struggle that the whole school has been facing is students being in quarantine.

“When people get quarantined it makes practices more difficult because we are missing teammates,” Ballard said.

The cheer and stunt team will perform in January.