Teachers after school hobbies: Poy Sippi Draggin’ Ice connects colleagues


Lucy Smith

Draggin Ice hockey team plays both ice hockey and floor hockey. They usually play the winning class at the pep assembly for Winterfest.

Lucy Smith, Reporter

English teacher Cory Willhite arrived at Science teacher Dave Reich’s house on a crisp Saturday morning. They and the other players began shoveling off the ice on the frozen pond and got right to skating. It was so cold, Willhite’s beard even froze. They all felt like kids again by playing the game they love most. They were in reality, but felt like they were living their childhood memories. 

 Tech and engineering teacher Joel Johansen and a few other teachers officially formed a hockey team called, Draggin’ Ice in 2018. The team was originally created by Johansen and Reich who have been skating since the 60s. The name Draggin’ Ice was inspired by a team motto.

As we get older we have to work harder to be as fast as we once were. You might say we’re draggin’ a bit. Instead of floating above the ice, it sometimes feels like we are draggin’ it with us,” Johansen said. 

The team gets together as often as they can during their busy weekends. With work and other responsibilities, they don’t get to play often, but when they do they always try their hardest to make memories.

The team does not just play on the ice, they also have faced the winning grade of floor hockey during Winterfest for the past few years. This is another time memories are made.

“My favorite memory is beating the 2019 seniors during Winterfest (they beat us as juniors during 2018 Winterfest,)” science teacher Nick Kvam said.

Many of the players have enjoyed watching and playing hockey, so getting to play the sport they love with their friends makes it even more special.

The players also have grown closer together, making them both a team but also a family both on and off the ice. By being on this team, it has also made them closer as colleagues and friends. 

“To share in something this important to us other than our profession just strengthens the already strong bonds between all of us. It also keeps us healthy being able to do this together rather than just work,” band director Ben Ruetten said.