Swim team wins first meet in eight years

Helena Buttke, Reporter

The boys swim team won a meet for the first time in eight years at the varsity meet in Fond du Lac on Thursday, Jan. 7

“We generally have a small team and we go up against teams with 20 guys and each one of those swimmers are getting points in events and we only have eight people,” senior Brody Roost said. ”This year we were up against two large teams and we beat both of those teams that have significantly more guys.”

During the triangular swim meet, the boys accomplished their first win in eight years.

“It was a three-team swim meet. For every event we had to win because the other teams are bigger than us,” senior Wyatt Aton said. “First place is 20 points, second is 18 and third is 16, but the other teams have two guys for each event and they get more points from that. We won almost every event so we won by about 10 points.”

Different pools come with different conditions that can affect a swimmer’s performance. Each swimmer should know the setting of the pool to prepare for the difference in time.

“The conditions of the water actually affect how fast we swim. Salt water pools, like Kiel, we swim faster because the water is denser than in chlorine pools,” Roost said.”The Cedarburg meet had a really cold pool which you think would help, but if we are really cold, we actually swim slower. There are a lot of variables to take into consideration.”

The boys will attend the conference meet on Saturday Jan. 23 at Plymouth High School with hopes to compete at state on Feb. 6.

“We hopefully will get a relay to state and at least one diver as well. Plymouth is our biggest competitor, so we want to beat them at the conference meet,” senior Raymond Mayotte said.