You said it, we write it

Deacon Eberhardy

Peter Fritz discussing toilet paper, “I use a lot of things–oak leaves, Subway napkins, poison oak–don’t recommend that. Corn husks, Max’s sock–he still doesn’t know.”


In Jennifer Leahy’s fourth hour Law and Criminal Justice class, “I did not think we were gonna be learning like laws and stuff in this class,” junior Ella Resop said.


In Ms. Kuehmichel’s fourth hour Public Speaking class between impromptu speeches about life after high school, senior Abby Eckelberg said she wanted to be a future hospice nurse, and senior Hannah Merterns said she wanted to be a midwife.

“You can bring them into the world and I’ll help them on the way out,” Eckelberg said.


“Mr. Arndt my bladder is full right now, so one of them statue garden trees is getting hit with a lotta water,” Peter Fritz.

“If you unzip anything out there you’re getting hit with indecent exposure,” science teacher Patrick Arndt said.