Staff Editorial: Days need more appreciation at school

We have many federal holidays and important events within our country, but not all of them ever truly get the acknowledgement they deserve. Overall, there are some days that need more recognition than they get at school. Just to highlight three important ones, Earth Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Inauguration Day are three under-appreciated events that we at school do not truly celebrate. 

In the past there was some acknowledgement for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and lessons taught throughout the school day or no school at all for the day but this year nothing was done at school to commemorate it. We believe that something should be done at school, acknowledging the progress but also the sacrifices made for that progress on that day along with what hand Martin Luther King Jr. had in it all.

Another day we forget to acknowledge is Earth Day. People often look past this day, especially within school. We at The Red ‘n’ Green believe that more should be done at school to acknowledge this day, whether that be going out and collecting garbage or even the school donating or planting trees so that we contribute something back to our planet.

Finally, we at The Red ‘n’ Green believe that Inauguration Day should be treated with more importance as it only happens once every four years and is history in the making. We believe if it happens to fall on a school day it should be mandatory to watch it live, or we should hold a school gathering in the gym or auditorium and be taught about its importance.