Photo Poll: What was the most romantic Valentine’s Day you experienced?

“In 1992, we had our first date on Valentine’s Day in high school. It was at the high school Valentine’s Day dance. He had given me a rose and during the dance it had froze on his dash,” School Social Worker Carrie McCarthy said.

Lola Jecevicus, Reporter

“Last year for my boyfriend, I gave him a gift for each of the five senses, one for sight, one for taste, one for touch, one for sense of hearing and one for sense of smell,” English teacher Erika Pethan said.  (Lola Jecevicus)
“My junior year of college, for my long term girlfriend of five years, I took red spray paint and drew a heart in the snow outside of her dorm with a special message,” science teacher Patrick Arndt said.  (Lola Jecevicus)




“He (her now husband) always makes special dinner plans for us and every year I always make him ask me to be his valentine,” math teacher Andrea Woyak said.  (Lola Jecevicus)