Wallen’s new album shines, outside actions not so much

Joey Femali, Editor-in-chief

With all the hype behind Morgan Wallen’s new double album “Dangerous” and the current controversy with Wallen’s actions outside of the album release it’s worth taking an in-depth review of Wallens album to see if this album will stick around for times to come or get canceled like Wallen. 

The album featured 30 songs in total with 15 songs in each split. The album shows this dynamic at first with half the songs being heartbreak songs and the other half being party and upbeat style.

The first song that leads off the album is “Sand In My Boots.” Famous for its chorus, it takes a fun twist with words and is very descriptive. 

“But now I’m dodging potholes in my sunburnt Silverado. Like a heart-broke Desperado, headed right back to my roots” is just one of the multiple fun word plays he does. 

Listeners also find some great songs on this album with “Somebody’s Problem,” “Your Bartender,” “Cover Me Up,” “7 Summers,” “More Than My Hometown,” “This Bar,” “Silverado For Sale” and “Heartless.” By far one of my favorites and many fans’ favorite songs is “865.” The song is famous for the phone number that many fans have tried to call, 865-409-1021 is the number that many are trying to find answers to. Wallen has come out and said that originally the song came to him as titled 919 and he changed it to 865, but many fans are suspicious that the number leads back to someone. 

On the second half of the album listeners can find a lot more upbeat songs. Songs like “Outlaw,” “Somethin country;” “Rednecks, Red letters, and Red dirt.” provide that more southern party rock country style some of Wallen’s fans haven’t seen from him. 

After the release of this album Wallen has found himself at the forefront of some

controversy and this album could be Wallen’s last album with his current label record. If this remains true it will be a good album to end on for Wallen. What Wallen has done outside of the album has not influenced any rating in this. The rating is strictly based on the music and quality.

Rating 8/10