Key points from the student listening session

Grace Hoffman and Helena Buttke, Reporter

If you missed the student listening session on Feb. 2 during CIA, Dr. Carl Cartwright addressed many key points surrounding the shift from trimesters to semesters. Students were given the opportunity to directly ask questions and receive responses from Dr. Cartwright. Although many of these responses were too complex to include in full, the following are topics that were covered:


Why the district believes that change is necessary

    Cartwright and other school district members believe that there needs to be change to improve our school as a whole.


The effect of semesters on students mental health


The flexibility of next year’s schedule and the possibility of adding CIA 


The changes in the amount of homework and work time during class

    Cartwright and Bednarek each stated that the schedules have not been set in stone. Cartwright mentioned that the homework amount should not change because it should coordinate with what is being taught. 


Changes in instruction time and teacher availability 


Negative impact of split trimester classes

    Cartwright states that with the change to semesters, difficult two trimester classes such as math, Spanish or science will be continuous.


Students access to clubs and after school activities


The future of the Berlin Area School District

    Cartwright believes that this change may be beneficial to the future student of BHS. 


Cartwright has said that students are more than welcome to visit the business office at any time with questions and/or concerns.