Juniors complete ACT boot camp

Skylar Longsine, Reporter

Juniors were introduced to the first ever ACT boot camp on Feb. 9. The students went from teacher to teacher where they were given some sort of new tip to improve their ACT scores. Each presentation was approximately 25 minutes long, and was based on the subject the teacher taught. 

Even though the teachers knew they would not be able to teach the exact information that could be on the test, but instead give advice to help ease the minds of the students. 

“The intent was to offer some information that would help take the test. The ACT really tests what you already know so it’s impossible to teach content in 25 minutes. Instead we wanted to offer strategies for taking the test so you could be prepared to do your best,” English teacher Angela Femali said.

Femali said she enjoyed her experience with the attentiveness and eagerness of the juniors. She says they all were all respectful and well behaved. 

“I loved getting to see all of the juniors and the engagement that students had with the material. I did not have any issues with student behavior or attitudes. Instead, I had juniors who were eager to learn and respectful of everything going on,” Femali said.

Counselor Ann Ragus explains Principal Bednarek’s strategy to implement the ACT boot camp.

“I think the strategy for Mr. Bednarek was for it to be a short period of time to hit the important parts of the ACT versus maybe a 12-week session for the kids where they might tune out or be overwhelmed,” Ragus said.  

Junior Penelope Bongurt also found the ACT boot camp to be beneficial and worthy of her time. 

“There was lots of paper and information, the activities and practices are super helpful, and it is a great resource to help get ready for the ACT,” Bongurt said. 

As for the graduating class below 2022 can expect is a lot of review from their previous years of highschool, and additional information to help students become more efficient while taking their test. 

“It was a review of everything they had been teaching us from freshman year when we had to do all of the pre-ACT stuff, and some new tips on how to be a better test taker,” junior Heather McCormick said.

Any more information juniors want about how to further ready themselves will have to be sought on on personal time. All juniors will be required to take the ACT March 9.