CorNutrition Meets Expectations

Gavin Batley, Reporter

There is a lot of talk regarding the new smoothie and juice bar in town. When I arrived and first walked in I was presented with a small, but pleasant area to order and sit. The room gave off a very calming but also clean feel to it which added to the experience.

“The Traditional ” which included Cake Batter shake, a mango Aloe Shot, and a Peach Tea. The “Shake and Aloe” which consisted of a Pina Colada shake and a Mandarin Aloe Shot. Their menu displays plenty of options regarding both teas and shakes.

One downside to my experience was the wait time. Having to wait around 10-15 minutes for the order to be completed. 

The Cake Batter shake was much better taste wise compared to that of the Pina Colada which really had no flavor to it and tasted slightly of pineapple. The texture of the shakes was somewhat grainy but not bad. The Aloe Shots tasted like their label indicated and were great, they went along well with the Peach Tea. 

The Peach Tea had a small hint of peach to it which was really enjoyable. It comes in a larger cup so you end up getting your money’s worth in that aspect.

One thing that was found interesting was the lack of information regarding calorie counts and such online. Unfortunately no nutrition facts can be included because they were not made publicly available online via their Facebook.

One plus to the experience was the dollar off students get for showing their student ID, along with a punch card that gives you one free drink after getting a total of 10 drinks. Overall I’d give my experience a 3.5/5.