Actors shine despite underwhelming plot


Felix (Senior Nick Chier), Oscar (Senior Johann Becker), Murray (Sophomore Ethan Brunke), Vinnie (Junior Allie Rosin-Borland), and Roy (Junior Heather McCormick) play cards as Felix rambles.

Lola Jecevicus, Reporter

Stepping into the auditorium is always an interesting feeling. The audience awaiting the show, the cast preparing for their performance. Nerves are all around. Despite COVID causing many restrictions and regulations, the cast made the play happen. This year’s play was “The Odd Couple” produced by Neil Simon. 

Each actor fit their role perfectly, adding to the authenticity of the play itself. Senior Nick Chier as Felix embodied his character’s nervous, worrisome persona perfectly. The opposing character, Johann Becker as Oscar also perfected his careless, hopeless persona. Most of the characters had their own accents and the actors being able to speak with that accent made the play that much more interesting. As the Pigeon sisters stepped onto the set (played by junior Lily Huber and sophomore Anna Schumacher) for their date with Felix and Oscar the girls spoke with a very well done British accent, bringing their characters to life.  

Another unique factor of the play was how juniors Heather McCormick and Allie Rosin-Borland played the parts of Vinnie and Murray. They played male roles and it was very believable. This play was pretty entertaining for an older age group because of the subtly dirty jokes that the actors hinted at throughout the play. 

With pros, cons have to be added as well. The play felt like it dragged on and on. There was not much of a rising action or even a climax. For example, Felix was getting a divorce and moving in with Oscar. Soon Oscar would begin to grow sick of Felix, and he would be kicked out once again. That could have been what some of us may say the climax was. There is sort of a conclusion, but it was awfully hard to tell what the main idea of the play was.

Although a lot of negatives and positives were stated, it should be added that there was a deeper meaning to this play. The married characters were jealous of the divorced characters and vice versa. The theme of the story in some eyes could have been about healing, or not to take what you have for granted. 

Rating ⅗