Marquis March Madness Q & A


Joey Femali, Reporter

March Madness is a special time of the year for college sports loving fans, especially basketball fans. With all types of crazy endings and big upsets it attracts the most hardcore fans. History teacher Matthew Marquis gives his advice on what the tournament will look like.


Reporter Joey Femali: Who is your favorite mid-major school to make a big run this year?

History Teacher Matthew Marquis: The one school that jumps out to me is Saint Bonaventure out of the Atlantic 10. They just are in the right bracket to do some damage. 


Q: What are some mid-major teams that could win a game in the first round? 

A: I think Winthrop could beat Villinova, I think Colgate could beat Arkansas, Eastern Washington could beat Kansas and I would like UC-Santa Barbra to beat Creighton. Those are four matchups that just jump out at me. 


Q: Who is going to be the first one seed to lose this year?

A: Michigan because they had a rough end to the regular season and they lost Livers. I think he is the glue to the team and could hurt the team by not having him. 


Q: What team is very under seeded this year? 

A: I think you could say Wisconsin at the nine seed is. I think they are a six seed just cause their losses are to top seeded 1 and 2 seeds this year. The Big Ten was very strong. 


Q: Who is very overseeded this year?

A: Syracuse tends to always get in when they are in the bubble and Michigan State and UCLA. They were kind of surprise teams I didn’t personally think would make the tournament. 


Q: Who is your favorite to win it all? 

A: I’ll give you two teams. My safe bet is to take Gonzaga, but my sleeper pick is going to be Texas. I just like how they finished this year.