New Springfest happening this April

Lily Sonnentag, Co-Editor-in-Chief

To make up for a missed Winterfest this year, Student Council has decided to host a Springfest. This will be the week of April 26 through the 30. Springfest will consist of many activities for students to participate in during the week as well as activities after school.

“Springfest will consist of dress up days, an outdoor rally, a Monday CIA girls hockey tournament, CIA door decorating contest and an outdoor movie night,” Student Council Adviser Ann Ragus said. “There will not be a dance, but there will be a sit in outdoor movie.”

Springfest will be very similar to what Winterfest has been in the past, but with a few restrictions. 

 “It will be similar to Winterfest in ways such as points being tallied per class, but it will look a little different because it is during spring and we are having more outside activities due to COVID-19 restrictions,” Ragus said. “This is why we decided to change months.”

Although it is not what everyone is used to, which was Winterfest, Student Council hopes that it will be just as good of a week as any Winterfest before.

 “We hope that everyone gets involved and has some fun while at BHS,” Ragus said.