Community shows support for Schubert family


On their way home from family vacation in Florida, a classmate of the senior class Jaden Schubert, and a couple of his family members got into a terrible car accident. To show support for him and his family, many peers of Jaden have been stepping up and starting fundraisers here at school. “First off is just thank the students for being a part of this and trying to do what we can to help in these tough times,” Kriha said. “Just a few other announcements, little things like buying a rubber bracelet, or buying a shirt can help out the family a lot. Doing those little things can go a really long way.”

Senior Jaden Schubert and his family were coming home from a family vacation in Florida on March 13, when they got into a devastating car accident. Those in the car consisted of Jaden’s mom, grandparents, brother, and brother in-law. Each family member was severely injured and rushed to the hospital. Many of them were separated and taken to different hospitals to receive urgent care.

“As far as the accident goes, I’m not too sure what happened but I believe my dad may have fallen asleep at the wheel,” Jaden’s mom Tara Schubert said. “We veered off the road and I know we flipped several times. At one point I remember being on the roof of the van when we were flipping. I remember wanting to help my boys, but I couldn’t do anything to help them because of my own injuries.” 

As soon as the community got word of the situation, support began flooding in for the family. Within the school, students and faculty have been finding ways to raise money and show support for the family. 

Students made posters to give to the family, collected donations and sold t-shirts and bracelets.

Senior Kaylee Kriha says the idea of signing posters came to her when a couple of her friends and herself wanted to show Jaden that his peers at school are supporting him and his family every step of the way. 

I wanted to do the posters for Jaden and his family so that they knew the school and the students were supporting him and so that he could have a little something that picked him up, and made him feel good,” Kriha said. “I also think for me and a few others it was like reality hit us and instead of just sitting there we wanted to think of ways we could help the family.”

Another way that the faculty are showing their support is by doing a $5 jean day. Teachers were encouraged to pay the $5 fee to be able to wear jeans on March 17. By doing this the staff was able to raise about $340.

“I wanted to do something to help the family while showing our support for a member of the BHS family (Jaden). Teachers love the opportunity to wear jeans, so this was a quick and easy fundraiser,” English teacher Angela Femali said.

The money will go to help with the cost of surgeries, treatments and therapies. Jaden specifically has a collapsed lung, broken back and compressed spinal cord which has caused paralysis. He also has several broken ribs and had to have one of the ribs surgically removed the day after his spinal surgery. 

“I want to thank all of the kids who have been reaching out to Jaden and being supportive and have even been fundraising. I know he is so grateful for all of the support. If he doesn’t return your message it isn’t because he doesn’t want to, it is because his therapy is taking every bit of energy he has,” Schubert said. “The therapy he has to endure daily is extremely tough especially with having several broken ribs, so keep sending him those encouraging messages. He sees them.”

The support is not going unnoticed by the rest of the family, either.

This accident was devastating. We are overwhelmed by the amount of support that we are receiving from the community. Every single time I think about it or talk about it I am brought to tears, and I know Jaden is so grateful and overwhelmed also,” Schubert said. “I am aware that there are several fundraising events going on and I am eternally grateful to all who have offered to help my family. We know it is going to be a long road but it is the support of our amazing community that helps us push through every day. I just cannot say it enough how grateful I am.” 

Click here to donate to the Schubert family’s GoFundMe