Peter and Lara Jean continue with their endless love


Skylar Longsine, Reporter

Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky return again with To All the Boys: Always and Forever. This is the third movie in the To All the boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy.

During the trilogy, from the first movie to the last; the story line progresses as an innocent, introverted girl gets entangled in a scandal with an outgoing jock, forcing the two to begin to become a balanced duo. This balance continued into the second movie, but strengthened when they were compelled to realize how much they love the other in spite of their differences. Then ending with an equally good movie combining their life lessons from previous experiences in their choices to come. 

Additionally, the third film is about a couple beginning to make life changing decisions, such as college and how to compromise within their relationship. When making these choices, the two began to find themselves wanting to go on two different paths. This brought them to have to decide whether to work through these complications or break up. These movies are brought together by the amazing lighting, creative transitions, and colorful set.

Throughout this classic romance film, viewers were on an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end. There were laughs, tears, flashes of anger, and most importantly smiles. Every scene tied the movie together, from Peter’s smooth lines and good looks, to Lara Jean’s baking, and great style. 

Both actors Noah Centineo, Lana Condor performed remarkably well. They made the film feel like a movie rather than a high school production. This was especially impressive because they are so young with Noah at the age of 24 and Lana at the age of 23. But they were not the only phenomenal actors of the production. Anna Cathcart plays the younger sister of Lara Jean, Kathrine Song Covey. She played this role both convincingly and confidently. 

Overall To All the Boy: Always and forever was enjoyable to watch. The plot and the character development was continuously strong beginning to end. The cutest scene of the movie is when Peter stands outside Lara Jeans house with a big boom box all decorated for her accomplishment. There was not anything that did not flow or complement the movie, but if corny romance movies are not your thing it might be one to skip.

Rating: 5/5