Day in the life: Junior Keziah Fredenburg


Autumn Ferrel, Reporter

Balancing school, work, and extracurricular activities, Junior Keziah Fredenburg starts her day earlier than most students.
“I get up around 5:55 because I like to have my mornings. I don’t get ready or anything yet. I have my clothes laid out so I sit there for about 15 minutes then I get dressed. Then I go upstairs and get my coffee then I go back downstairs, drink my coffee, and sit on my phone. I go back upstairs and pack my lunch in a lunchbox then wait for Haleh. After that we get in the car and drive to school,” Fredenburg said.
Along with her job at Berlin Express Laundry, Fredenburg sells clothes in her free time to make some extra money. She resells clothes that she’s thrifted on Snapchat at least once a week. Every morning when she gets to school she delivers clothes to buyers. After that she heads to her first hour, chemistry with Mr. Kvam where he takes her temperature and she starts her day.
Her first three hours are Chemistry, Economics, and either gym or choir. After that she heads to lunch.
“I go to lunch with my friends every single day. We pack lunches, like I said earlier. We eat our lunches and wait until the bell rings then we go into school,” Fredenburg said.
After lunch she goes to her next two classes, Early American Literature and Consumer Math. When asked about how she felt about her classes, Fredenburg expresses what she likes about them.
“Fourth hour I have Early American Literature. English is really easy for me and I have a good class that I’m comfortable with. Then I have Consumer Math and I love that class. I really enjoy finance so I love learning about it,” Fredenburg said.
Once her school day is done she heads to musical practice where she stays until 5:45. After musical practice, Fredenburg has an hour or so before she heads to work at Berlin Express Laundry. Once she is done with work at 9 p.m., she goes home and is in for the night.
“I watch TikToks for a little bit and then go on my phone for probably like an hour and go to bed at 10:30 every night,” Fredenburg said.
Along with her school week, Fredenburg usually has a routine weekend.
“Fridays right after school we’re usually all busy so I hang out with my friends on Friday nights. Riley(Beulen), Cecilia(Bruce-DeMuri), and I always do something,” Fredenburg said.
On Saturdays, Fredenburg usually has something planned. Also on Saturdays, Fredenburg posts pictures of clothes she’s selling. After posting, people from Berlin and neighboring towns message her to buy them.
“Not all of the people I sell to are from Berlin. I sell to people from Ripon. I have one main girl who I sell to Ripon. Every once in a while I’ll get a couple of people that aren’t from Berlin. Mostly they’re from Ripon, Omro, or in that area,” Fredenburg said.
Doing this takes up most of Fredenburg’s Saturdays but pays off in the end. While only selling clothes for three months, Fredenburg has seen great profits. Once she’s done taking pictures of the clothes, Fredenburg finishes her Saturdays with friends.
“After that Riley, Cecilia, and I usually do something again and then we’ll meet up with Maddy(Rilling) or other friends,” Fredenburg said.