Upperclassman plan for prom

Skylar Longsine, Reporter

Seniors and juniors will gather for their 2021 prom on June 5. The dance will be at 8 p.m. and will end at 11 p.m. It will be located at the City Inn in Berlin, where the classes of 2021 and 2022 will continue the tradition of what was once a junior prom but is now a senior prom. Due to COVID, BHS was unable to host a traditional prom. However, with help from a group of parents led by Chrissy Sonnentag students will get their dance. As parents organizers get the details of the event settled, students begin to make their own preparations. 

Junior Lauren Batley started her process with brainstorming an untraditional but fashionable plan for her clothing choice for prom.

“I was thinking about branching out and trying a pant suit or maybe a romper,” Batley said.

Batley has not gotten too far in the extra planning that goes into prom, but has figured out she is going with friends.

“I am going with a group of friends because I know I will have fun with them,” Batley said.

As prom nears, Batley’s excitement grows. Due to the lack of normalcy this school year, she claims having a prom is a step towards what life was like before COVID. 

“I’m excited because it makes it feel like a normal school year instead of a COVID school year. Makes me feel normal,” Batley said.

Junior Hannah Nigbor has a plan of how her time will be spent getting ready for the big dance. She plans to enjoy a meal with her friends followed by a photoshoot at Nathan Strong Park.

“I am getting ready at home, then eating with my friends and taking pictures at the park and then going to the dance,” Nigbor said.

For some, the process of finding the perfect attire is easy and simple, but this was not the case for her. 

“It was a difficult process, I’m very picky and it was hard to find the perfect size. I went to a store down in Madison called David’s Bridal and then I ordered mine online at Macy’s,” Nigbor said.

Junior Ashley Elfrank also faced struggles preparing for prom. She had to travel to different cities in Wisconsin and even traveled outside of the state in hopes of finding the perfect dress.

“It was a lot of work and it was $400. I went to a thrift store in Oregon, Wisconsin and then I went to Beaver Dam and found one,” Elfrank said.

Although Elfrank may have spent a good amount of money on her dress, she did find ways to save money in the process of getting the extra accessories. 

“My friend is going to come do my hair. I don’t wear makeup so I am just going to put on some mascara and then I need to buy some new Nike Air Forces for my shoes,” Elfrank said.

Junior Cade Martin is going to take a more casual approach for his choice of clothing. Martin and his group are leaning more towards the option of wearing nice shirts with khakis. 

“We are probably going to stay pretty casual. I don’t think we’re going to get tuxedos or anything, but probably just some nice button ups, maybe some suspenders, and some nice dress pants or khakis,” Martin said.