BASD tests staff on cybersecurity


Joey Femali, Reporter

Cyber attacks have amplified in recent years, particularly on K-12 school systems. To prepare against cybersecurity attacks,  District Technology Specialist Dave Wojtowicz has been working with teachers on dealing with fake emails. 

Security awareness training is important for all schools and businesses. This includes learning how to avoid phishing and other dangerous emails, how to spot potential malware and reporting possible security issues.  Wojtowicz said.“Training can consist of cybersecurity training videos, reading about cybersecurity and in-person training.”

Wojtowicz send a fake email out to teachers in the district that asked teachers to reset passwords because of a suspected hacking attempt. The email came from an account that goes by “[email protected]”. 

“The first thing that led me to believe it was not real was that Google was spelt wrong at the signature spot. I also talked to English teacher Angela Femali about it and we both decided it was fake,” English teacher Erika Pethan said.

Teachers may use technology daily in the classroom and try to stay educated in it. Science teacher Paul Bell does not like to use technology as much as some when it comes to social media. 

“As far as technology goes I think I’m fairly educated in it. I don’t really try to use social media. I do know that sometimes by clicking on things you can gain malware to your computer. It may even be just opening an email like this one,” Bell said. 

An estimated 26% of staff members failed the test district wide. Wojtowicz plans to send out more emails that will look alike to get staff members aware of what they look like. The hope is to get teachers more aware of them and the damage they can do.