Clubs band together for Earth Day clean-up


Three clubs work together on April 27 to clean up the campus for Earth Day

Lola Jecevicus, Reporter

Key Club, Student Council, and KIND Committee all participated in a clean-up day to celebrate Earth Day. The students got together during CIA on Tuesday, April 27 to clean up trash around the school parking lot, the garden, and  anywhere that needed it. 

“For me the most important aspect of this clean-up is making sure we treat this school with the respect it deserves,” junior Gabrielle Reiser said. “I want to show the students from other schools how great of a school this is and making sure it is clean is a big part of that.” 

Earth Day began on April 22, 1970. Former Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin chose this day because it fell between most students’ spring break and final exams, and he wanted to encourage young people specifically to participate. On this day over 20 million citizens of the U.S participated. 

Sophomore Anna Schumacher who is a part of Key Club also sees Earth Day’s importance. 

“It is important to the Key Club to do whatever we can for our community and also for our Earth,” Schumacher said. 

Earth Day 2020 marked 50 years with global initiatives that aim to mobilize a billion people worldwide for transformative action for our planet.

“This school is very important to us. We want to make sure that the campus reflects how great the students are, and having a clean campus is part of that,” Reiser said. 

Student Council Adviser Ann Ragus says that BHS and its clubs have been helping clean the school grounds for around 10 years.