Teachers dominate in annual hockey game

Grace Hoffman, Reporter

The sophomore girls battled the teachers in an exciting show during last Friday’s hockey match to mark the end of Springfest. The teachers dominated with a final score of 6-1.
The teams had different preparation strategies leading up to the big game. Art teacher Angela Breunig says that the teacher team spent their time physically preparing for the game.
“The staff tried to meet a couple of times after school in the week leading up just to hit the puck around and get ready,” Breunig said.
Sophomore Amber Dretske says the sophomores prepared by making sure they were ready mentally.
“We didn’t do anything to prepare physically, but mentally the week before we were hyping each other up through a group chat we made with our team,” Dretske said.
As the game started, the gym was full of energy with team introductions, music and cheering.
Although the game was full of memorable moments, Dretske has a few that stuck with her.
“My favorite memory from Friday was the pep talk Jersey gave us in the locker room before we went out to the gym. Also scoring one point was exciting because we didn’t expect to even score one,” Dretske said.
The teacher hockey game is a tradition that is beloved by many, and the switch from it taking place during Winterfest to Springfest did not seem to change that.
Breuning’s favorite things about the game came from being able to see her coworkers and students in a different light.
“I feel like it’s enjoyable for the staff and students to see the staff outside of their typical school roles,” Breunig said. “I also love the staff camaraderie when we score. It’s just like hockey tradition when we go around and high five everyone.”