Students deal with traffic, litter in parking lot

Emilee Wegner

Emilee Wegner, Reporter

High school students are leaving trash in the student parking lot during lunch causing a cluttered look in the parking lot. Students are also dealing with traffic backups after school, this is due to many students leaving at the same time. 

“Rushing in and out of the parking lot is a big issue. Thankfully no serious accidents have happened, but the speed is a real issue,” Police Liaison Officer Michael Bennett said. 

Not only can Officer Bennett see a speed issue in the parking lot, but so can Assistant Principal Colleen Pariso. 

“The dangerous driving and littering are the main issues that I see,” Pariso said. “Suspension of the parking passes, more adult supervision and students continuing to bring issues to us is what will need to happen.”

Students are seeing the problems in the student parking lot, just as much as adults. 

“The parking lot should be cleared from garbage. It isn’t hard to clean up after yourself, and there are garbage cans on the light posts and by the entrance doors for trash. However, there could be another garbage bin placed at the back of the lot,” junior Alexis Laude said. “On Wednesdays, it can be frustrating leaving with all of the other drivers, especially when the drivers are not paying attention or when they are cutting others off.”

That brings up another issue within the student parking lot, the flow of traffic. Next year, all students will be released at the same time, like how it is now on Wednesdays.  That causes congestion with parents trying to enter through the front of the school, students also trying to exit through the front of the school and people trying to pass by on Memorial Drive.

“I think a possible solution to this problem would be to open up the back gate of the parking lot,” junior Hunter Schwersenska said.

This adjustment would make it so students could exit the parking lot onto Memorial Drive, and onto Oak Street. Laude agreed with that possible solution.

“Cameras cannot catch everything. I hope that students feel comfortable enough to bring these issues to us. We are aware of what goes on, other officers are also aware of how students drive during the lunch hour and we will continue to work on this issue,” Pariso said.