FFA members host Ag Day for elementary students

Autumn Ferrel, Reporter

Ag Day is an event that FFA puts on every year. The day is filled with kindergarteners and first graders learning about all things agriculture. High schoolers are given the day to teach the kids all they know about the animals and machines brought to the school. Giving these kids an opportunity to learn about agriculture is something FFA adviser Kim Dehn and the FFA members strive for.
“As simple as it may be, just having the animals, machinery or plants gives them more exposure than they’ve ever had,” Dehn said. “It’s neat to see the high school students interacting with the elementary school students and having them teach and lead the day so that it gives it more purpose.”
Being able to help the kids is something that all of the volunteers are excited to do. Junior Alexa Fleegal expressed her favorite part of the day.
“My favorite part is seeing how excited the kids get to see the animals and do the activities,” Fleegal said.
Fleegal has helped for two years now and helped with the rabbit station this year. Senior Catelyn Olsen has helped all three years that she could and this year worked the snack and planting station.
“Agriculture has been a part of my life since I was a kid, and I have always been interested in agriculture. Helping the kids learn about agriculture is good because most kids don’t know where their food comes from or how it grows,” Olsen said.
All volunteers come to help for the day because they want to be able to teach the kids everything they know. While all volunteers are members of the FFA, there are other ways that students can get involved for the day.
“We’re always looking for things to add so for example this year (senior) Jayln Moen is providing goats for us but she’s not an FFA member, so even offering things up like that for us to use and borrow is helpful, too,” Dean said.