Seniors make final preparations for graduation

Lola Jecevicus

Lola Jecevicus, Reporter

Seniors graduate on May 30 at 1 p.m. Their final day in school was yesterday.  Today, seniors gather in the commons for their class breakfast, followed by a walk-through of Clay Lamberton sporting their caps and gowns. Their final school activity is graduation rehearsal. 

The feeling of high school being over often is a bittersweet one. For the class of 2021, it is also a relief to be able to celebrate graduating. 

“I’m definitely sad about high school being over, but everything has to come to an end,” senior Jayln Moen said. 

With high school closing out, seniors often reflect on their past four years. 

“My biggest accomplishment is finding my personality. I like being confident and not caring about what anyone thinks. I am much happier than I was freshman year,” senior Saylor Santori said. 

Leaving high school is a life-changing experience. One way their lives are changed forever is going from seeing friends on a daily basis to not so often. 

“I am going to miss seeing my friends every day because I know after high school we are not going to see each other as much as we do now,” senior Jordan Boening said. 

Another way graduating takes a toll on seniors is the change of routine.

“I am going to miss the routine of everything. Everything was very laid out and now it is like you are doing it on your own,” Moen said. 

Overall, towards the end of senior year, seniors say they feel ready for high school to be over. 

“I’m nervous for the real world, but I am kind of okay with it. High school is pushing me out. I don’t think I am ready, but I just go with the flow,” Santori said.