Graduation held outside for second year

Anna McCarthy, Reporter

Graduation was held on Sunday, May 30 outside on the football field for the second year in a row. Administration decided this because of the success that graduation was last year. 

“One of the reasons that graduation is being held outside this year is because of the response of the community and the staff that were part of it last year when it was held outside,” Principal Bryant Bednarek said. “It was determined that it was going to be held outside before I even came on the job. I think we’ve been fortunate with good weather last year and good weather this year.”

Graduate Nya Osterberg said that she liked having graduation outdoors.

“It was nice, we had the perfect weather for it. When I went to my sister’s graduation inside, it was very humid,” Osterberg said. 

While Osterberg liked having graduation outdoors, graduate Deacon Eberhardy says that having graduation outdoors was inconvenient for him. 

“I am glad we were able to invite eight people, but graduation outdoors was pretty inconvenient. Sitting out in the middle of the field, directly in the sunlight got unbearably hot, and my family was too far away to take any good pictures of me actually receiving my diploma on stage,” Eberhardy said. 

A new addition to the ceremony was that Bednarek changed who students were allowed to receive their diplomas from. Students who have parents that work in the district were given the opportunity to receive their diplomas from their parents. Graduates Sadie Goettl, Nya Osterberg, Deacon Eberhardy, and Joey Femali all received their diplomas from their mothers. 

“Getting my diploma handed to me by my mom was the most meaningful part of graduation. It felt more genuine and was more meaningful especially since she was one of my teachers and was an influence on me throughout my life,” Goettl said. 

For seniors, graduation is a time to move on from high school. 

“It feels kind of strange to be graduating after being in school for so long. The fact that after this summer I won’t be going back to BHS is both scary and exciting, and the thought that I might be seeing some of my classmates for the last time was also slightly saddening,” Eberhardy said.