LINC Crew hosts annual back to school dance


Emilee Wegner

Students gather in the commons for the back to school LINC Crew dance on Friday, Sept. 3.

Emilee Wegner, Reporter

The annual back to school dance was hosted by the LINC crew on Friday, September 3. It took place after the football team’s home game against Ripon.

“I believe that the purpose of the back to school dance was to give the students a sense of community and togetherness for the first time since COVID struck Berlin. I feel as if the dance also gave us a sense of normalcy again,” LINC Crew leader Ethan Brunke said.

The dances are a way to get together with classmates outside of the school day. It is the first of many dances for the freshmen. 

“It was very different compared to middle school dances. It was fun and a nice way to start off the school year,” freshman Olivia Faulkner said.

Even though students say dances are fun, there is behind the scenes work that has to be done when having a dance. 

“I took money at the door and was like a bouncer of sorts. Another one of my roles was to hype up the freshmen and make sure everyone was excited and willing to go,” Brunke said.

There isn’t just behind the scenes work with the LINC Crew leaders, but also with the LINC Crew advisers.

“A lot goes into planning and having a school dance, people volunteering to be at the doors collecting money, the tables needing to be moved and finding someone to DJ are a few things,” LINC Crew Adviser Andi Woyak said. 

All in all, dances are one of the things that make high school a better experience. 

“It was a lot of fun and I recommend that everyone try to make it to the Homecoming dance,” Brunke said.