Gavin Batley

Staff Editorial: Homecoming dance more inclusive at BHS

September 23, 2021

Berlin High School holds its Homecoming dance right after the football game and it is an informal dance. This is different from most schools, which hold their Homecoming dance typically on the Saturday after the game and the dress code is semi-formal. The Red ‘n’ Green thinks that this is a good policy and we commend the school for doing it this way. 

For starters, this makes the dance a lot more inclusive towards everyone. No one needs to go out and buy a fancy dress for Homecoming and they can just wear the clothes they already own. This makes Berlin’s Homecoming dance more inviting than other schools where students have to go find fancy clothes to attend. 

Another positive thing about having the Homecoming dance right after the game is that students are already excited from the football game. If the dance were to be on a Saturday, students wouldn’t be as excited for the dance because they wouldn’t have all of the energy from the football game. Dances are supposed to be exciting and everyone is supposed to be enthusiastic about them. Having the dance right after a win from a game just makes the dance that much more enjoyable. 

Having the Homecoming dance on Friday night does mean that students get one less formal dance. However, there is still Winterfest and for juniors and seniors, prom. Formal clothes aren’t always as fun to dance in as shorts and a t-shirt. For girls, heels can be uncomfortable and make their feet sore. For guys, dress pants and a button-up shirt can get extremely hot, especially with everyone packed close together and dancing. Having an informal dance after the football game eliminates all of these issues. 

The Red ‘n’ Green would like to commend the school for hosting the Homecoming dance after the football game because it makes it more inclusive towards students, the dance is a lot more exciting and formal dances aren’t always as good as informal ones.