New advisers take over School Grounds


Junior Tyler Kutcher works in School Grounds preparing drinks. The coffee shop opened for business Sept. 13. They are open for delivery first, second and third hour.

Lola Jecevicus, Reporter

Two new advisers have taken and are looking forward to giving the School Grounds a new beginning. The previous School Grounds adviser departed from BHS, taking on a new job. Special Education teachers Noel Simon and Suzanne Wood have decided to take the store into their own hands and keep the tradition going for students now and in the future. 

“I thought it was one of the coolest things here at BHS. Not a lot of schools have this and I think it is really cool for my kids. They learn a lot of job skills and how a business runs, while being in school and getting credit for it,” Simon said

The incoming of new advisers brings a chance to make changes in the shop and bring in more customers. Including the school grounds being open during third hour for just snacks and as well as it’s normal first and second hour schedule. 

“A long-term goal is to update the ordering technology so we can accept credit cards and continue with cash payments to hopefully draw in more business,” Wood said. 

This year new students get to experience the workplace culture as well as student ground returnees that will be there to guide the new students throughout the grounds. 

“Some benefits are working with people, money and making the drinks.These are things we would do in a real work environment,” senior Isaiah Hostak said. 

Although the School Grounds only employs students from the  Special Education department the new advisors are looking to expand. 

“Eventually we’d like to team up with the Business Education department and expand the store not only in what we offer, but by allowing all BHS students the opportunity to help out,” Wood said. 

This year the grounds will be open for orders through emails, similar to last year. Students can keep updated through their Instagram, it is @schoolgroundsbhs.