Transfer students adjust to new school


Elyse Osterberg

Freshman transfer student Eliel Abreu does his math homework in study hall. He transferred here from Oshkosh North, says his favorite thing about BHS so far is the smaller classes.

Elyse Osterberg , Reporter

Moving from a different school can be very stressful, having to adjust to new classes and make all new friends can be scary. Berlin High School has lots of transfer students every year, but this year we have approximately 30 transfer students.

 Sophomore student Tyler Zielke transferred from Wautoma, and found a few things different from his previous school.

“There’s a few things I found different. My favorite thing though is open campus,” Zielke said. 

There can come many challenges but also perks from transferring to a different school. 

Freshman student, Eliel Abreu, who transferred from Oshkosh North, has found many things he likes about Berlin High School. 

“With smaller classes it makes it easier for me to learn,” Abreu said. 

Along with a new school also comes new people, a whole different environment and a whole new way of learning. 

“I like Mrs. Kobishop’s class because she’s really nice and I have a lot of friends in that class,” Zielke said. 

Not only does transferring mean adjusting to new people, it also means new opportunities including clubs, classes and sports. 

“(In) tech ed, we are just starting to actually get into the stuff and all I know is that I’m really going to like the wood work that’s going to happen in the next semester,” Abreu said.

Overall transferring can be intimidating but can be a good new experience. 

“I feel like I’m learning a lot more and I’ve made friends in almost all of my classes,” Zielke said.