Student Council elects Co-Presidents


Lucy Smith

Co-Student Council Presidents Lauren Batley and Gabi Reiser count dress up points for spirit day. They were in charge of tallying up all points during Homecoming.

Lucy Smith

Seniors Lauren Batley and Gabi Rieser both ran for Student Council president last spring and ended up tied. Instead of going through the process of revoting, they decided to be co-presidents. Batley and Rieser both see this as a great opportunity for the student council and student body. 

I think this will benefit the student council immensely because both of the presidents are extremely excited to be involved this year and help the school every way they can,” adviser Ann Ragus said. 

Rieser and Batley will split the responsibilities of the presidential role, but they will both work together to create new things for this school year.

We want to make sure we are doing the most we can for the school. We want to try and add some new traditions and get help with ideas from the student body and really focus on what the student body wants to see from us,” Rieser said. 

There is no vice president this year because both presidents split the role, making this board look much more different than previous years.

“Being a co-president is very helpful, both Lauren and I are very involved with other clubs and activities so knowing that I have someone to help me is very comforting. I also like that I don’t have to make any decisions on my own, I don’t have to attend or run meetings by myself which makes it a lot easier for us as a council to do more,” Rieser said.

Batley and Rieser are really trying to focus on listening to the student body and what they want. 

“This year we want to hear a lot more from the students and what they want to see because we do represent the student body,” Batley said.