School vandalized during Homecoming week


Maddy Kresal

Custodian Jeremie Schmidt washes eggs off of the windows. Berlin High School was egged on the night of Thursday, Sept. 23.

Anna McCarthy, Reporter

Toilet papering friends’ houses is a tradition that has gone on during Homecoming week for years, and typically, it is good, clean fun. However, on Thursday, Sept. 23, a group of students decided to take the toilet papering tradition one step further.
“(There was) toilet paper in trees, things stuck in the lawn, writing on windows and eggs smashed on and around buildings,” Principal Bryant Bednarek said.
The vandalism had to be cleaned up as soon as possible as eggs can cause lasting damage to property. Eggs are able to take the paint off of buildings if they are not removed quickly enough.
“Our custodial staff spent several hours cleaning up the toilet paper and other items. In addition, windows had to be cleaned and we had to bring in a lift and power washer to get the egg off the building before it did lasting damage,” Bednarek said.
Normally, during Homecoming week, Berlin High School is only hit with toilet paper.
“This is the first year since I have been in this role that the school has been egged and the windows were written on. I have not had to clean up eggs and window paint in the past,” Director of Operations Josh Youngbauer said.
Students say that toilet papering is fun and a tradition, especially for the seniors. However, they say that egging and causing damage takes it too far.
“Toilet papering the school and people’s houses can be fun, but egging the school turns into an act of vandalism. It ruins school property and is disrespectful to the image of the school,” junior Cayli Johnson said.
Bednarek also agrees with this viewpoint.
“I think the school is accepting of some good, clean fun around Homecoming. I appreciate the creativity. When students are willing to help clean up and it is minor like toilet paper, there really isn’t a problem. It is when things are permanently damaged or when hurtful messages are written is when things cross the line,” Bednarek said.