Johansen takes over work-based class courses

Emilee Wegner, Reporter

Technology and Education Teacher Joel Johansen began teaching the Work-Based Readiness and Work-Based Learning classes for the first time this semester. These classes are set up to prepare students for their future in the work world. 

“This class covers employability soft skills, interviewing, career awareness, paychecks, employability safety and prepares students for their careers following education,” Johansen said.

Although these classes may be self paced, students do have some projects that need to be accomplished. 

“Students have the opportunity to successfully complete the Wisconsin Employability Certification and the MSSC Safety Certification,” Johansen said.

Since it is his first semester teaching this class, Johansen has made some adjustments to the course. 

“The entire curriculum is under revision, we are working to get it aligned with the Wisconsin Employability Skills Certification program. I’ve also added the MSSC Safety Certifications which is an industry-led training, assessment and certification system focused on the core skills and knowledge needed by the nation’s front-line production and material handling technicians,” Johansen said. 

Students are required to work the same number of hours that they have been released from school.

“If you have passing grades, you are allowed to leave the school property and go work at your place of employment,” senior Connor Paugels said. 

Students in Work-Based Learning have to manage their time that they work.

“You go to work like normal, and then fill out your hours sheet,” senior Max Naparalla said.