Junk in the Trunk


Maddy Kresal

Junk in the Trunk with junior Maddie Reabe and her 1990 Ram 2500 truck. Reabe has informed that majority of items in her vehicle do not belong to her.

Maddy Kresal, Reporter

This issue of Junk in the Trunk features junior Maddie Reabe with her 1990 Ram 2500 truck. There are a variety of random items that will be found in her vehicle. The Red ‘n’ Green will be taking a closer look at them. 

What’s the grossest thing in your vehicle?
“Some moss that has been growing in the back,” Reabe said. 
(Maddy Kresal)


What item has been in here the longest?
“The lawn chairs in the back. They have been in there for a year now,” Reabe said.
(Maddy Kresal)


What’s a random item in your vehicle?
“These golf clubs because I don’t even golf,” Reabe said.
(Maddy Kresal)


What’s another random item in here?
“Dog bowls,” Reabe said. (Maddy Kresal)