Review: ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ fails to impress

Gavin Batley, Reporter

The movie/musical “The Nightmare Before Christmas” was confusing and the plot was a bit confusing. It starts off with it being Halloween and all the members of Halloween Town begin doing their duties. While everyone in Halloween Town is excited after Halloween, Jack Skellington (the beloved and worshipped member of Halloween Town) comes back giving off a sad vibe but pretends to be happy to please everyone else which, makes for a bit of a confusing plot in the beginning seeing as he essentially is the “King” of Halloween. 

Jack longs for more and begins to become sick of the same old thing every year and desires something new. While on his adventure to find something new in his life he runs into a set of four doors in an eerie part of the words and walks through the one which brings him into Christmas town. Once he walks through it he is greeted with a completely different atmosphere.

 Everyone is happy, joyful, and lively which gives off the feel that this movie is better suited to the Christmas season. Jack finds his way back to Halloween Town and shares the exciting news and begins his quest to take over Christmas. During his mission to take over Christmas he meets Sally, a doll girl created by a scientist held together with thread, with whom Jack has an instant connection.

The claymation style of the movie does give it a somewhat creepy feel to it and really adds to the “Halloween” aspect of the movie. At some points throughout the movie it was hard to tell whether or not this was a movie to be watched during the Christmas season or one to be watched during the spooky season. Overall, near the end they bring back the idea that halloween and Christmas should remain as two separate holidays and both should keep running their own shows. Although it is hard to decipher the meaning behind the movie this is the main obvious takeaway.

This movie was a bit everywhere overall and it was a lot to take in. Although the claymation style added to the creepy aspect of the movie, the movie would have been better if they would have just stuck with a classic animation style.

Rating 2/5