Clubs fundraise through concessions

Elyse Osterberg, Reporter

Just like when watching a movie, popcorn, candy and sodas are important to have when watching a high school sports game. The stress that comes with watching sports can be overwhelming, watching the ongoing play in volleyball just waiting for someone to mess up and end the rally. Having a good snack to munch on can help with that stress. 

To provide that much needed comfort food for fans, student clubs sign up to work concessions for different sports games throughout the year. 

We have a meeting during teacher inservice at the beginning of the year to go over our home concessions schedule,” Athletic Director Joe Stellmacher said. 

Some clubs that frequently work concessions are WordSmiths, Skills USA, Spanish Club, Key Club, Student Council, FFA, Encore/Show Choir, and the sophomore class (fundraiser – Ms. Rademan). 

“I am involved in the Student Council. For most of the home games we have, I run concessions with other members of Student Council,” junior Madeline Maxson said. 

Every year in order to raise money for the trips and clubs, kids volunteer to work concessions. 

“Currently the money I am making goes directly to my France trip,” sophomore Layten Sobieski said.

 There is a lot of preparation that goes into running concessions. 

“When we first get there we have to pop popcorn, and start heating hotdogs, cheese sauce and pretzels. Another thing we are in charge of is the money. We get that organized and stock everything,” Maxson said. 

Stellmacher says that all the food that is used for concessions is ordered beforehand by the Student Council. It has been like this for a while now but due to COVID-19, last year looked a bit different so this is the first time since then that concessions have run. 

“Earlier in the school year many games went without concessions because there was no one to work, but kids going on the Europe trip are eager to have an opportunity to work the concessions,” Maxson said.