The Academic Breakfast returns

A student must accumulate 12 award points to earn a letter. Points are awarded per term in the following manner: 3 points for Superior Honors 3.8 and above 2 points for High Honors 3.79 – 3.2 1 point for Honors 3.19-3.0 When a student has accumulated 12 points for a letter, that student will earn a gold bar for every additional 6 points earned.


Carrie McCarthy

Seniors who earned awards at the Academic Breakfast on Oct. 21

Lola Jecevicus, Reporter

The high school Academic Breakfast was held on Thursday, Oct. 21. This was the first time it was held in person in over a year due to COVID-19. 

All students who received an award were sent a letter to inform them of said ceremony. On Thursday, students and parents arrived around 7 a.m. for muffins and fruit salad provided by FC/E teacher Whitney Keyes’ Food Service class.

 After breakfast, everyone was called into the auditorium and beginning with juniors, were called up to receive their awards. 

In past years, Keyes’ class has served breakfast pizza and other hot foods. With all the changes, this change was also needed. 

“They were going to get rid of the breakfast, but Mr. Bednarek and I believed that the students deserved the breakfast portion,” Keyes said. 

These students have worked hard for their academics and that is why this Academic Breakfast was created by the BHS Student Council during the 1987-1988 school year. 

Senior Majeta Clark earned her third and final academic gold bar at this ceremony. 

“I am really proud of this award. I really put a lot of value into my academics, so it feels really good to be recognized,” Clark said. 

This ceremony helps to give recognition to students who have worked hard in their high school years.

At the breakfast, senior Ashley Cottello received her academic letter.

“There weren’t any specific steps I took to earn this achievement, but lots of studying definitely helped,” Cottello said. 


Juniors received awards at the Academic Breakfast on Oct. 21 (Carrie McCarthy )