Students need to stop littering in parking lot

It was a crisp, fall morning and I decided to walk to school. I was enjoying what was left of the fall colors when I saw a sight that made my stomach hurt: The student parking lot, covered in trash.

I am disheartened at the disrespect that some of our students have shown each other over the past few weeks, and this is further evidence that our school needs to improve our culture around respect.

From destroying our bathrooms to trashing our parking lot, it is easy to lose faith in the future citizens of our community. I know that the majority of students at Berlin High School do the right things and I am thankful for you. However, the actions of a small group are impacting how people view all of us. I ask the upstanding students of our school to help fix the problem by reporting those who are destroying our school and painting us in a bad light. To all, please take care of our school and our fellow students. That is what BHS Pride is about.

Mr. Bednarek