Students make school kinder community 

Skylar Longsine, Reporter

Every Tuesday morning in English teacher Amy Wenig’s classroom, the KIND Committee gathers. During these meetings students, Wenig and guidance counselor Mrs. Ragus work together to bring unique ideas to light which will make the school a kinder community. 

Almost a decade ago the KIND Committee was created to create a better atmosphere for the school.

“The KIND Committee was started by Mrs. Ragus and a group of students about nine years ago.  The intention of the group was to add positivity to the school,” Wenig said.

The students involved in this club filled out an application and the people that were the best fit were accepted. However there are expectations for every person applying and for those already accepted that need to be upheld.

“We are looking for people who are genuinely interested in making our school a positive place to be.  While we know that every day isn’t always great, we know that our students always have the capacity to be great,” Wenig said. 

The KIND Committee strives to make the school a kinder place and brightens everyone’s day.

“We usually organize things to make kind people’s days better. We shout out kind people and we put together programs for people that are having a rough day or life better,” sophomore Kate Femali said.

An example of the actions Kind Committee organizes as referenced by Femali is the “Gobble It Up” activity. 

“In my homeroom we wrote what we were thankful for on paper turkeys. I really enjoyed this because it reminded me just how thankful I am for my friends,” sophomore Mya Roger said. 

Junior Cole Buttke colors his turkey and writes what he is thankful for for the KIND Committee’s Gobble It Up activity. The turkeys are hung up on teachers doors for everyone to see. (Mia Simon)
The KIND Committee set up this activity to spread positivity and remind people what they are thankful for. Students could only write something on their turkey school related. Junior Madison Mertens wrote that she is thankful for basketball on her turkey. (Mia Simon)

Spreading positivity is not only good for the community but is also beneficial for the members of the KIND Committee.

“I enjoy being a part of this club because I really want to be kind to people in the future, and I think this club will help me to do so,” senior Hunter Werch said.

On Nov. 13 Ragus and Wenig were invited to present the idea of the KIND Committee at the Wisconsin State School Counselor Association.

“To be eligible to participate we sent in a proposal and they selected from those applicants,” Wenig said.

“It was for school counselors, and there was a variety of topics such as LGBTQ, social emotional learning, etc,” Wenig said.

Wenig and Ragus took this opportunity to speak out about the importance of the KIND Committee, and how it could benefit other schools.  

“Mrs Ragus and I feel very passionate about the KIND Committee, and believe other schools would benefit to have the KIND Committee in their school because it is no secret that the world needs more kindness,” Wenig said. 

Wenig discovered just how much other schools need a club like the KIND Committee, and how BHS was not the only school with ongoing issues.

“I learned BHS is not alone. This is a very trying time for education. However, I did find it inspiring to be given the opportunity to make a difference,” Wenig said.