Student Council organizes Friday dress-up days


Elyse Osterberg

Juniors Bianca Thom and IvyLynn Friday Hansen show school spirit by dressing up for Flannel Friday. “I think it’s a good idea to have Friday dress-up days because it makes coming to school a little more exciting,” Friday Hansen said.

Elyse Osterberg , Reporter

In an attempt to make the school day more interesting for the students, Student Council proposed to have dress-up days on certain  Friday’s of the month. 

“We were thinking about doing the dress-up Fridays last year, but we never got around to it,” Student Council co-president, Gabrielle Reiser said. 

The first Friday dress-up day was Pink Out which took place in October for breast cancer awareness month. The second dress up day was Flannel Friday in November to get in the spirit for Thanksgiving.  

“I dressed up because I have lots of flannels and wanted to get into the fall spirit,” junior IvyLynn Friday Hansen said.

The Student Council’s purpose for having dress-up days was to make school a little more exciting for the students.   

“We wanted to find a way to have more fun this year, especially because a lot has changed. We have been trying to find a way to boost spirits,” Reiser said. 

Kids have found that dressing up can spice up the long week. Sophomore Jude Kujawa says that dressing up can show school spirit and make the long week a little more bearable. 

“I decided to dress up to show some school spirit and just to have fun with it,” Kujawa said. 

Kujawa has found herself looking forward to the next Friday dress up day. 

“I hope to see pj day because I would love an excuse to wear pajamas to school and be comfy all day,” Kujawa said.