Teachers Pets: First Edition

Anna McCarthy, Reporter


Owner: Teacher Jared Marshall

Kind of pet: Golden Retriever 

Description: “She is an extremely loving and patient dog. She loves letting our kids crawl all over her and play with her. She loves her people and will never be more than a few steps away from us, which means I trip over her several times a day. She also enjoys playing fetch and chasing rabbits around the yard,” Marshall said.

What is something that your pet does that makes you smile? “When we get home, she gets really excited and makes the funniest whimpering sounds and ‘smiles’ at us while she whimpers,” Marshall said.



Owner: Principal Bryant Bednarek

Kind of pet: Black Lab

Description:If he drinks or eats anything remotely cold, he pukes. He is hyper and thinks he is a lap dog even though he weighs over 70 pounds. He can play fetch all day long and is annoying with his ball. He is almost 10 years old but still acts like he is two. He is very gentle to our kids, even when they dress him up. He sheds and is annoying. He barks at everything. He doesn’t listen. He sometimes tries to eat his own poop,” Bednarek said.

What is something that your pet does that makes you smile? “I like Yogi best when I am at work and he is at home,” Bednarek said.


Izzy, Lucy and Stuart

Owner: Teacher Whitney Keyes 

Kind of pet: Bunnies

Description: Izzy is sassy and acts like a cat. She only likes me and food and only allows you to pet her head. Izzy doesn’t like to be held or picked up.  She will be 11 in January.  Lucy is very skittish but loves food and hates being picked up. She will be seven in August. Stuart acts like a puppy and loves attention and food. He will be four in March,” Keyes said.

What is something that your pet does that makes you smile? “Binkies, google videos of it, it’s adorable,” Keyes said.



Owner: Teacher Angela Femali

Kind of pet: Mainly Boxer Mix

Description:He has got so much personality. He thinks he’s a lap dog so as soon as someone sits down, he tries to climb on their lap. He has several ‘looks’ that he likes to give. There’s the ‘I’m annoyed by whatever you are doing’ look and the ‘that’s my couch why are you sitting on it’ look as well as the ‘this is my street and what are you and your dog doing walking on it’ look that every human with a dog on our block gets on a daily basis. He likes to sit like he is a human on his butt rather than a dog with his legs tucked up and can easily jump three feet in the air if he wants a treat. If he wants up on the bed, he is suddenly unable to even leap six inches and you have to lift all 80+ pounds of him up,” Femali said. 

What is something that your pet does that makes you smile? “When he lays on my lap when I need comforting because I’m sad or it has been a long day,” Femali said.




Owner: Teacher Joel Johansen

Kind of pet: German Shorthaired Pointer

Description: “She’s independent, snarky, selfish, snottie, hungry, antsie and crazy. She’s crazy fast and has only two speeds, full and off! She loves to hunt anything and spends her time outside running from one brush pile to another. She’s got a great nose. For some reason she hates turtles, so in the summer when one shows up in our yard she will grab it and run around with it. We take it away from her and let it go – she then tracks it down with her nose and brings it back, fun for her – not so much for the turtle!” Johansen said.

What is something that your pet does that makes you smile? “When Gertie wants attention she will sit beside you and reach out with one paw and punch you repeatedly until she gets her way,” Johansen said.