Food Review: Crumbl Cookies does not meet expectations

Maddy Kresal, Reporter

Across the app TikTok, many users have been reviewing Crumbl Cookies. There are many locations including: Appleton, Madison Sun Prairie, Delafield and others. It was time to  see what the hype was regarding them, so, going up to Appleton where the place was located in a small strip mall. 

Workers greeted every person who walked into the bakery with, “Welcome to Crumbl.” While this was a nice gesture of the workers, it was quite awkward inside the bakery since there was not much room to stand. Customers had to walk over to the side of the bakery to place orders electronically and only had to wait for a few minutes for our order. 

At Crumbl, the bakers come out with three new flavors each week to try along with a fourth and fifth flavor that are classics. Last week’s flavors to try were: “Red Velvet White Chip”, “Hot Chocolate”, “Buttermilk Pancake,” “Classic Sugar Cookie” and “Milk Chocolate Chip.” They also had “Snickerdoodle,” but that is a flavor everyone knows. Snickerdoodle was not a flavor chosen this week because there was more hype about the other cookies. 

Regarding the overall review, last week’s cookies were not worth the hype they were given over the internet but the wait on the cookies was quick and efficient. 

Overall review: 3/5 

Red Velvet White Chip earned a 5/5. It was really warm and gooey and had the perfect red velvet flavor. It also had a brownie texture to it that was really satisfying.
(Maddy Kresal)
Hot Chocolate earned a 2/5. The chocolate cookie itself was really good but the frosting on top was too much while the marshmallows were crunchy instead of soft.
(Maddy Kresal)
Buttermilk Pancake earned a 1/5. The cookie itself was just a classic taste but the syrup frosting on top was way too sugary.
(Maddy Kresal)
The Classic Sugar Cookie earned a 2/5. The frosting was very good but the ratio of frosting and cookie was not balanced and not to mention it was chilled so the cookie was very hard.
(Maddy Kresal)
Milk Chocolate Chip earned a 4/5. It was a nice, thick, warm, gooey cookie and would be great with a glass of milk.
(Emilee Wegner)