Sophomore shows emotion through drawing

Maddy Kresal, Reporter

The idea of art is simple; pencils, colored pencils, paint and even pens is what most people use to draw a picture. For sophomore Jenna Tuinstra, she has been drawing since she could remember. Tuinstra uses a variety of mediums to express her artwork including her main utensil as colored pencils. 

“I was interested in drawing because I liked the idea that I could visually express myself and my emotions,” Tuinstra said. 

According to Tuinstra, it takes anywhere between four to twenty hours to draw just one picture.

“I draw lots of things that show value and realistic things,” Tuinstra said.

Despite it taking hours to draw a single picture, Tuinstra puts in lots of work to show a deeper meaning to them.

“My pictures represent people, places, events and overall emotions,” Tuinstra said.

Tuinstra has taken an even bigger step with her art by posting on social media and by physically handing them out to people or even hanging them up in public places. She does art classes here at school where she has more time to focus on her art. 

“Just to give an appreciation to Luyen Pham who is an inspiration and friend to me,” Tuinstra said.
(Jenna Tuinstra )
“This was a redraw of a piece from a long time ago, but with colored pencils instead of water colors,” Tuinstra said.
(Jenna Tuinstra)
“This is to represent fall going into winter,” Tuinstra said.
(Jenna Tuinstra)