Teachers’ Pets: Second Edition

Anna McCarthy, Reporter


Owner: Art Teacher Angela Breunig

Kind of pet: Chihuahua, Miniature Schnauzer and Pomeranian

Description: “He is an alpha male. He thinks he owns Berlin and will bark at anything that moves or makes noise,” Breunig said.

What is something that your pet does that makes you smile? “When he greets me at the door with kisses every time,” Breunig said.


Melody and Harmony

Owner: Spanish Teacher Dr. Jody Ziemann

Kind of pet: Calico cats

Description: “Both girls are very affectionate and love belly rubs and purr loudly. They enjoy sleeping on our laps,” Ziemann said.

What is something that your pet does that makes you smile? “Harmony plays fetch with crumpled napkins,” Ziemann said.





Owner: Science Teacher Ben Sanderfoot

Kind of pet: Bearded Dragon

Description: “Smaug doesn’t really do much, but loves to eat and lounge under the heat lamp. He is a relatively social lizard and doesn’t mind being around students,” Sanderfoot said.

What is something that your pet does that makes you smile? 

“It’s interesting watching students interact with him, especially students who aren’t used to encountering or handling a lizard. I enjoy his calm demeanor,” Sanderfoot said.


Owner: Library Media Specialist Sarah Gumtow

Kind of pet: Black Lab, Newfoundland and St. Bernard mix

Description: “Stella can

perform some tricks such as sit, down, shake and stay.  Her special trick is her ability to play ‘find it,’ a game that is essentially find and seek for canines that requires her to use all her tricks! She is loyal, is a hand holder, and always seems to sense when someone in our house needs an extra snuggle. Stella doesn’t know how big she is and often tries to sit on unsuspecting laps. She barks so enthusiastically at our mail person that they periodically leave treats for her when they leave a package at our doorstep,” Gumtow said.

What is something that your pet does that makes you smile? 

“Stella is well-loved everywhere we go. Stella is a dog with a huge personality, a heart of gold, and is so good with our daughter. They are inseparable and the best snugglers I know!” Gumtow said. 


Owner: Special Education Teacher Noel Simon

Kind of pet: Black Lab

Description: “Jack is extremely loyal and always wants to be around people (especially if they have food). He loves to lay on pillows and blankets, even if it’s just a small corner of a blanket hanging off the couch. He never barks but has this weird coughing grunt sound that he does when he needs attention. He is obsessed with squeaky toys, especially his ducky, and loves to go for walks and sniff everything. His favorite human foods are cheese and popcorn,” Simon said.

What is the worst thing that your pet has ever done? 

“When I first got Jack he got into some Easter candy I had out and ate an entire bag of Snickers, wrappers and all!” Simon said.