New ice rink in Neenah creates magical feeling


Skating at The Plaza at Gateway Park becomes a big hit. It has recently opened this year and will be open until March.

lucy smith , reporter

When pulling up to The Plaza at Gateway Park in Neenah, the brand new ice skating rink looked exactly like a Hallmark movie. From the lights to the Christmas trees in the middle of the rink, it felt like a movie. The parking was very limited since it was downtown Neenah so it took a decent length walk to get to the plaza. The line for renting skates and buying a pass wasn’t long, making getting on the ice much more efficient. There were cubbies to put shoes and personal items inside the building which had heat and hot drinks when it got too cold out. The pricing for both renting and the pass were both inexpensive. It was about $13.50 a person which is perfect if someone is looking for something that is fun but also cheap.
While skating, it kept getting busier and busier which made it very tight when skating on the rink but everyone kept a good flow. Many of the slower people stayed on the outside of the rink and the more advanced skaters stuck to the inside. Every hour the Zamboni, a machine used to resurface the rink, would come out which made the quality of the ice much better and it only took a few minutes. The Plaza workers did a good job ensuring that everyone is safe and having fun at the same time.
Overall, the experience of the new ice rink was very memorable. I recommend going with friends or family because lots of fun memories can be made. The rink will be available until March and is open on Friday and Saturday, 11am to 9pm. The Plaza at Gateway Park deserves a 5/5, making it many people’s new hang out spot.