Book Review: ‘The Unhoneymooners’ does not disappoint

Camdyn Rohde, Business Manager

With an extremely relatable main character and a perfect mix of humor and romance, “The Unhoneymooners” by Christina Lauren is well worth the read.
The main character, Olive, seems to be unlucky in every part of her life. Meanwhile, her twin sister Ami is seemingly the luckiest person in the world. Although an unrealistic way to live, Ami wins everything from free trips to free food to a variety of coupons.
At Ami’s wedding, her free food catering gives everyone but Olive and the best man food poisoning. Predictably, there is now a non-refundable all-expenses-paid trip to Maui for two that can’t go to waste. The only problem is that Olive and the best man, Ethan, absolutely despise each other. Even so, neither of them are willing to let a free vacation to Hawaii go to waste, so they have to put their hatred aside and pretend to be a married couple in Maui for ten days. What could go wrong?
Although the story had a somewhat predictable plotline, there were still elements of surprise woven throughout. Olive and Ethan plan on spending the vacation with as little time together as possible, but of course that’s not quite how it ends up.
The banter between these two enemies was a great addition to the story, adding a light-hearted feel to the story while also showing the obvious tension between the two. In addition, Olive’s pessimistic personality was one that doesn’t show up frequently in books for the female protagonists, making this book that much more enjoyable and relatable. Christina Lauren did a fantastic job at writing this book to fit in both the romance and humor categories of literature, earning an easy 4.5/5 stars.