Students take finals in semester


Connor Paugels

Senior Hunter Schwersenska studies for finals at the end of the semester.

Connor Paugels, Reporter

The new semester schedule has students relieved about final tests during the year.

“A positive for switching to semesters is that there are only two finals instead of three throughout the year,” senior Garrett Franke said. 

Although there are fewer final tests for the year that means that there is more material to remember for longer amounts of time. Some students may forget certain things from the beginning of the semester that may be important on the test. 

“The finals in my class are late this week into next week,” senior Hunter Schwersenska said. 

In all classes, finals are evenly spread throughout the last two weeks of the semester so that students are able to study and prepare for them.

“I think that we switched to semesters because it gives students more time to study throughout the semester instead of per day,” Franke said. 

This year has been the first year that Berlin has used a semester schedule for its current students.

“It wasn’t that difficult to switch over because it made our class schedules simpler, but it also started to feel like a semester with the extra month and a half added on to what would be a trimester,” Schwersenska said. 

Some core classes may require more time spent outside of class than an elective class does. They have more material to remember or even not bring some material back to cover on the final. 

“The core classes like math and science are having a harder time because there is more upfront to remember what they have learned throughout the semester,” Schwersenska said.