Students try new sport: axe throwing


Skylar Longsine

Carter Winter throws axe in attempt to hit the bullseye.

Skylar Longsine, Reporter

The axe throwing facility Blades and Boards opened their second location in July of 2019. The second location is on 2283 State Road 44 Oshkosh. They are open 4-10pm Tuesday through Friday, 12-10pm on Saturday, and 12-6pm on Sunday. 

Blades and Boards trains all of their employees how to have a fun and safe time throwing axes so they can then show others. When beginning to throw, every person is provided an axe. They are first taught how to hold an axe properly (with the blade facing out from the body, and with a firm grip towards the middle of the handle). Next step is to learn how to properly throw the axe. There are a couple options for this. One can either grip the handle of the axe and put it behind their head while standing staggered or feet shoulder width apart or a different option is to throw it by the side of the head with either of the same feet position as mentioned before.

Everything from the set up of the building to the employees brings a very fun and easy-going atmosphere. When first entering the building there are games in a decently large waiting area. The options include arcade games, claw machines, pool table, air hockey, and giant jenga. The entire building smells of wood and when busy the banging of the axes gets very loud. 

As for the customer service, it earned a rate of 5/5. Everyone is very friendly if there are any questions. They explain everything thoroughly, how to throw, locations of bathrooms/food, etc. They do not get upset if anything breaks. When accidentally throwing a little too hard the handle and axe broke loose and after the employees were informed they immediately fixed it. 

When booking there are options of the amount of time such as thirty minutes or an hour and so on. Bigger time frames are recommended to those in large groups of six and up. Thirty minutes was enough for a group of two because it is a physically demanding activity. The cost is $10 for every 30 minutes. Wearing clothes that are loose on your shoulders and close-toed shoes are suggested. Also prepare to sweat. 

Overall, the experience was very good. Blades and boards is great for anyone that likes inexpensive physical activities that are a lot of fun. This experience deserves a rate of  5/5.