Winterfest makes way back into schedule

Maddy Kresal, Reporter

Due to COVID-19, last year’s Winterfest dance was canceled. But this year, the school has allowed Winterfest to be brought back and students to get some enjoyment halfway through the school year. The Winterfest dance will be taking place on Jan. 29 from 8 p.m. to midnight with costs of $8 in advance or $10 at the door. This dance is semi formal and students are allowed to bring in friends from outside of the school with the requirement of a paper to be filled out. The theme of the dance this year is, “Dancing in the Clouds,” with the following dress up days for the week and a pep assembly featuring girls versus faculty floor hockey.

Student Council is in charge of Winterfest week and setting up for the dance. While the members say they are glad to be getting back into the normal routine, it is not as easy as they thought it would be.

“We are kind of getting back to pace with being able to plan Winterfest again. With COVID being a struggle enough as it is and finding new themes and activities, it is hard to plan something that we want to make sure everyone enjoys and participates in,” Student Council member Laurel Miller said. “But for the most part with new ideas from Student Council members, it makes it easier to get perspectives from everyone and the classes.”

As the planning continues, kids begin to shop for dresses and or tuxedos for the exciting night.

“My plans for Winterfest are to get ready with a couple friends, take pictures and go out to dinner then go to the dance,” junior Brenna Mosier said.

With the Omicron variant and high infection rates, extra precautions are being set during the dance. 

We are going to provide masks and strongly encourage students to wear masks while at the dance,” Adviser Ann Ragus said. 

Student Council is providing a week full of fun for the students and a much needed break for most. 

“The positives out of this week is that we can have some fun dressing up, having a pep rally and also having a dance where kids can dress up a little bit and have fun,” Ragus said.